Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get Cash for Books in 5 Easy Steps


For some people selling unwanted goods goods on the internet can be a real hassle, especially if your not a real computer nerd. Although selling your pre-loved unwanted books online could not be easier or simpler with Books for Cash five easy steps to selling your used books online.

  1. Enter the ISBN numbers of all the books you wish to sell in this box on the Cash for Books website to see how much you will get for your books. You can add a number of books at once by placing a comma after each book's ISBN number.
  2. To create an order you will need to sign up for a Cash for Books account by providing your personal contact information.
  3. Box up the books that you want to sell.
  4. Print the free prepaid mailing label  and packing slip straight from your own computer.
  5. Place the packing slip in the box with your books and ship the books with the prepaid shipping label securely attached to the box of books.

Then it's a simple matter of waiting till your books arrive at Cash for Books after which you will be promptly be paid either by cheque or straight into your Papal Account.

The whole process couldn't be simpler!

If you have any problems you can watch the video or simply go to the Cash for Books website for further instructions.

For further information just go to this website Books for Cash.

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