Monday, January 3, 2011

Ebay, Amazon or Book Buyback Site


I have personally tried ebay and to be honest trying to sell books on ebay is a nightmare.

Ebay is flooded with used books and unless you have a rare book that might be signed by an author and considered a collectors item. You could in fact make a loss for your trouble and at best break even and still have wasted a lot of your personal time.

As far as Amazon goes they are pirates with the prices they offer for used books and in my honest opinion if you have a large number of books to sell you will get a much better price from smaller online book buyback sites.

Ironically if you look to smaller sites that buyback books, you generally get a slightly better price for your pre-loved books.

In fact you may be surprised to see the prices paid for many books are quite competitive.

I sold fourteen books just recently and the average price I was quoted for each book was around $6 dollars.

I received  a little under $85 for a for about ten minutes work!

But it really depends on the books that you have.

Convenience is a big plus, not having to waste time organizing ebay listings or having garage sale and wasting a whole day watching people rifle through your unwanted book collection.

Having a website buy back books you no longer want or need quickly and easily and not having to worry about poastage is a valuable convenience.
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Convenient Way to Sell Books for Cash

If you love reading books as much I do, you probably have a huge collection of all types of books in boxes stored away in your home because your book case has been filled up a long time ago.

In fact my spare room was once a ‘store room’ filled with boxes of all manner of books which I had read or just didn’t have the time to read.

Living in a small unit I was really short on space so I just had to do something and I really couldn't bring myself to throw perfectly good books away so I tried to sell them on ebay.
Bad Idea!

I quickly found out that Ebay is absolutely saturated hundreds of other people were trying to palm off their collections of space hungry books as well.

In the end I found out that selling perfectly good books on ebay is not only a real hassle, its time consuming and extremely hard to make a profit after selling costs and shipping.

Then I came across a cool website which provides a quick and easy way to sell books for cash.
This website makes things so easy you can virtually sell back your books in minutes.
All you basically have to do is create an account, type in the ISBN number found on the back cover of each book on the form on the site, click on the price my book button and hey presto!

You instantly get the offered amount for your books.

Whats even more amazing is they provide a shipping label for your books right off their site for free, so you don’t even have to pay for shipping!

They even offer a text book buyback.

So if you have a collection of books which you have read or no longer want and would love to pass them on for other readers to appreciate while getting some cash in your pocket.

A convenient book buyback site to Sell Books for Cash
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Where to Find a Book's ISBN Number


Usually the your books ISBN number or International Standard Book Number can be found on the rear cover near the bottom. But if the book is a hard cover the ISBN number may be on the inside back cover near the bottom of the book.

Keep in mind if the book was made before the 1970's it may not have an ISBN number.
If you own an older book which you may think may be valuable, would pay to get advice from a professional old and vintage book merchant.


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