Sunday, June 26, 2011

Selling Books for Cash in Volume


For the average person who has a fairly modest collection of used books to sell for cash, it can be a little time consuming searching online for a number of book buyback merchants to compare prices and it can be tempting to think the smaller online books merchants offer the best prices.

But in reality the smaller online book buyback sites will often only ‘resell’ the books you have sold them to larger used book merchants which have their own online used book buyback site.

Of course there is a time factor and one of the great aspects of selling your used books for cash with book buyback websites is that it’s one of the most time efficient methods to sell books for cash.

Although if you have a large used books collection, selling a large number of used books for a number of people or has begun your own part time book merchant business, selling used books for other people or buying and selling used books from a number of different sources. It can pay to compare used book price offers from a number of online book merchants.

If you are looking to sell a large volume of books on a regular basis it’s a good idea to try and stick to the larger more well-known online book buyback websites which have the support of a large used book merchant network.

This way you can be almost guaranteed that all of your books will sell and that you will be offered the most competitive prices.

Here are two if the Largest and Most Reputable Book Buyback Websites Providing the Most Competitive Used Book Price Offers.

Books4Cash: Probably the largest and most reliable book buyback site in America and is backed by a well-established used book network ensuring that whatever books you have to sell, Books4Cash will buy it back from you at competitive used books prices and will even price match offers made by other book buyback websites provided they are a Better Business Bureau member.

This book buyback site has all the features you need to sell your used and unwanted books for cash including the fast and simple ISBN form to get instant price offers for a large number of used books at the click of a mouse.

A convenient iPhone and Android application which is perfect for the part time book merchant looking to get quick used book price offers on the go. And like most book buyback websites they offer free shipping within the United States.

Sell Back Your Book: A no nonsense book buyback site which again is a Better Business Bureau member and has the handy ISBN form for fast price quotes of your books. This website is an extremely reliable book buyback website although if you have a large quantity of books or multiple copies of the same books to sell. They ask that you contact via email and you may have to prepare an excel spread sheet of the used book stock for reliable pricing.

The handy thing about Sell Your Book Back is that if you have some unwanted textbooks in your book collection; you can sell them through this easy to use reliable book buyback service.

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