Monday, January 3, 2011

Ebay, Amazon or Book Buyback Site

I have personally tried ebay and to be honest trying to sell books on ebay is a nightmare.

Ebay is flooded with used books and unless you have a rare book that might be signed by an author and considered a collectors item. You could in fact make a loss for your trouble and at best break even and still have wasted a lot of your personal time.

As far as Amazon goes they are pirates with the prices they offer for used books and in my honest opinion if you have a large number of books to sell you will get a much better price from smaller online book buyback sites.

Ironically if you look to smaller sites that buyback books, you generally get a slightly better price for your pre-loved books.

In fact you may be surprised to see the prices paid for many books are quite competitive.

I sold fourteen books just recently and the average price I was quoted for each book was around $6 dollars.

I received  a little under $85 for a for about ten minutes work!

But it really depends on the books that you have.

Convenience is a big plus, not having to waste time organizing ebay listings or having garage sale and wasting a whole day watching people rifle through your unwanted book collection.

Having a website buy back books you no longer want or need quickly and easily and not having to worry about poastage is a valuable convenience.
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