Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Will I Get for My Used Books?

That’s the most common question people ask when looking to sell their used and unwanted books for cold hard cash. 

Generally speaking the re-sale value of most used books is usually a quarter to a fifth of the original purchase price but what most people fail to take into account when selling their unwanted books for cash is the time and effort it takes to actually get the books sold.

While you might get a higher selling price for a few of your unwanted books selling them at your own garage sale or even on ebay, you can’t avoid wasting a considerable amount of time organizing your garage sale and then you have to waste a whole day sitting outside your home and deal with people rummaging through your collection of books. It’s a similar case with ebay, you still have to organize each auction and even pay for the advertising up front and it can be really disappointing when your book auction fails to sell!

With selling your books online through a reliable and reputable book buyback site that is part of a used book merchant network you don’t have such problems. You can sell all your books at once without wasting time with garage sales or ebay auctions and usually receive a cheque for your used and unwanted books within 14 days of pasting your books and even quicker if you opt to receive payment into your paypal account.

But still the question remains, how much can I expect to receive from each of my used books by selling them to a book buyback site like Cash4Books?

Well it really depends on the type of books you have to sell and the quantity of each one of your books is in circulation. Usually books that have enormous print runs will sell for a lot less and the Harry Potter series of novels is a good example.

But the resale value of some non-fiction or instructional books can often be surprising, even if they are somewhat ‘old’.

Here’s list of examples of what some books sell for on the Books4Cash website……

9781429215978 9780670022410 9781608952786
$35.94 $3.65 $7.73
9780323071505 9781576839546 9780495386933
$16.62 $3.38 $15.38


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