Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sell Books for Cash for Friends or Family

In fact it's likely that many of your friends and family have a large stash of unwanted books living in a box in the ceiling which has been totally forgotten about, I would hazard a guess that most people don't know how to sell books for cash through online book buyback sites.

I was helping my grandma clean out her shed some weeks ago and stumbled across three boxes of books.

Asking my she would like to do with them I was horrified at her reply.

'Ah just throw them out love' was her my Grandma's reply.

After overcoming my horror of throwing perfectly good books into the trash, I managed to convince my lovely Gran to let me try and sell some of them online through a book buyback site.

Well the look on my Grandma's face when I handed her $165.50 after selling all but seven of the used books.

To say my Grandma was a bit upset with herself that she nearly through over a hundred dollars into the trash would be an understatement, but the story does not end here.

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