Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Will I Get for My Used Books?

That’s the most common question people ask when looking to sell their used and unwanted books for cold hard cash. 

Generally speaking the re-sale value of most used books is usually a quarter to a fifth of the original purchase price but what most people fail to take into account when selling their unwanted books for cash is the time and effort it takes to actually get the books sold.

While you might get a higher selling price for a few of your unwanted books selling them at your own garage sale or even on ebay, you can’t avoid wasting a considerable amount of time organizing your garage sale and then you have to waste a whole day sitting outside your home and deal with people rummaging through your collection of books. It’s a similar case with ebay, you still have to organize each auction and even pay for the advertising up front and it can be really disappointing when your book auction fails to sell!

With selling your books online through a reliable and reputable book buyback site that is part of a used book merchant network you don’t have such problems. You can sell all your books at once without wasting time with garage sales or ebay auctions and usually receive a cheque for your used and unwanted books within 14 days of pasting your books and even quicker if you opt to receive payment into your paypal account.

But still the question remains, how much can I expect to receive from each of my used books by selling them to a book buyback site like Cash4Books?

Well it really depends on the type of books you have to sell and the quantity of each one of your books is in circulation. Usually books that have enormous print runs will sell for a lot less and the Harry Potter series of novels is a good example.

But the resale value of some non-fiction or instructional books can often be surprising, even if they are somewhat ‘old’.

Here’s list of examples of what some books sell for on the Books4Cash website……

9781429215978 9780670022410 9781608952786
$35.94 $3.65 $7.73
9780323071505 9781576839546 9780495386933
$16.62 $3.38 $15.38

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Selling Books for Cash in Volume


For the average person who has a fairly modest collection of used books to sell for cash, it can be a little time consuming searching online for a number of book buyback merchants to compare prices and it can be tempting to think the smaller online books merchants offer the best prices.

But in reality the smaller online book buyback sites will often only ‘resell’ the books you have sold them to larger used book merchants which have their own online used book buyback site.

Of course there is a time factor and one of the great aspects of selling your used books for cash with book buyback websites is that it’s one of the most time efficient methods to sell books for cash.

Although if you have a large used books collection, selling a large number of used books for a number of people or has begun your own part time book merchant business, selling used books for other people or buying and selling used books from a number of different sources. It can pay to compare used book price offers from a number of online book merchants.

If you are looking to sell a large volume of books on a regular basis it’s a good idea to try and stick to the larger more well-known online book buyback websites which have the support of a large used book merchant network.

This way you can be almost guaranteed that all of your books will sell and that you will be offered the most competitive prices.

Here are two if the Largest and Most Reputable Book Buyback Websites Providing the Most Competitive Used Book Price Offers.

Books4Cash: Probably the largest and most reliable book buyback site in America and is backed by a well-established used book network ensuring that whatever books you have to sell, Books4Cash will buy it back from you at competitive used books prices and will even price match offers made by other book buyback websites provided they are a Better Business Bureau member.

This book buyback site has all the features you need to sell your used and unwanted books for cash including the fast and simple ISBN form to get instant price offers for a large number of used books at the click of a mouse.

A convenient iPhone and Android application which is perfect for the part time book merchant looking to get quick used book price offers on the go. And like most book buyback websites they offer free shipping within the United States.

Sell Back Your Book: A no nonsense book buyback site which again is a Better Business Bureau member and has the handy ISBN form for fast price quotes of your books. This website is an extremely reliable book buyback website although if you have a large quantity of books or multiple copies of the same books to sell. They ask that you contact via email and you may have to prepare an excel spread sheet of the used book stock for reliable pricing.

The handy thing about Sell Your Book Back is that if you have some unwanted textbooks in your book collection; you can sell them through this easy to use reliable book buyback service.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sell Your Used Books for Cash with this New iPhone app!

Sell your used and unwanted books for cash quickly and easily with this new iPhone application.

The Cash for Books iPhone app makes getting quick accurate price quotes for your lazy collection of used books making it a breeze to sell books for cash from literally anywhere.

This iPhone app is great if you love to scout flea markets and garage sales hunting for used book bargains for possible resell on the Books for Cash website for a tidy profit.

A great way to create an easy second income!

First of all go the the Cash for Books website and sign up for an account.

Then go to the iTunes app store and simply type in Cash4Books and download and install the Cash for Books iPhone app onto your iPhone.

Then its a simple matter of entering your new account user details into the Cash for Books iPhone app settings.

Once you have created a Cash for Books account and downloaded and set up your user details into the Cash for Books iPhone app you are now set to scan and get prices quotes from books as well as sell books for cash online virtually anywhere!

An easy to follow guide to using the Cash for Books iPhone app!
  • Scan each books barcodes into the app or enter ISBN numbers manually with the built-in keypad.
  • Obtain instant cash price quotes for each book you have scanned.
  • Save a list of the books you agree to sell for cash
  • Checkout with the entire list of books your happy to sell.
  • Print your packing slip and pre-paid mailing label on the nearest computer or opt to have your free mailing label posted to you.
  • Mail you books for free to the Books for Cash warehouse.
  • Wait for payment either by cheque in the mail or directly to your Paypal account.

Features of the iPhone ISBN bar code scanner!

  • The download can be downloaded free straight from iTunes and installed on your iPhone
  • The scanner iPhone app uses your iPhones built in camera to scan each book’s ISBN bar code
  • Get prices for books anywhere there’s mobile phone coverage
  • The Iphone app is compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPod Touch
  • Quickly scan a number of books to added to your list with an optional ‘Aoto-Accept’ feature
  • Manual entry for ISBN numbers via a 978 button on your iPhone keypad
  • The iPhone app can operate in ’browser view’ enabling you to complete a transaction and your list of books straight away
  • Use your iphone to sell friend’s or family members books or for getting quick price quotes when at flea markets, used books stalls or garage sales.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get Cash for Books in 5 Easy Steps


For some people selling unwanted goods goods on the internet can be a real hassle, especially if your not a real computer nerd. Although selling your pre-loved unwanted books online could not be easier or simpler with Books for Cash five easy steps to selling your used books online.

  1. Enter the ISBN numbers of all the books you wish to sell in this box on the Cash for Books website to see how much you will get for your books. You can add a number of books at once by placing a comma after each book's ISBN number.
  2. To create an order you will need to sign up for a Cash for Books account by providing your personal contact information.
  3. Box up the books that you want to sell.
  4. Print the free prepaid mailing label  and packing slip straight from your own computer.
  5. Place the packing slip in the box with your books and ship the books with the prepaid shipping label securely attached to the box of books.

Then it's a simple matter of waiting till your books arrive at Cash for Books after which you will be promptly be paid either by cheque or straight into your Papal Account.

The whole process couldn't be simpler!

If you have any problems you can watch the video or simply go to the Cash for Books website for further instructions.

For further information just go to this website Books for Cash.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sell Books for Cash for Friends or Family


In fact it's likely that many of your friends and family have a large stash of unwanted books living in a box in the ceiling which has been totally forgotten about, I would hazard a guess that most people don't know how to sell books for cash through online book buyback sites.

I was helping my grandma clean out her shed some weeks ago and stumbled across three boxes of books.

Asking my she would like to do with them I was horrified at her reply.

'Ah just throw them out love' was her my Grandma's reply.

After overcoming my horror of throwing perfectly good books into the trash, I managed to convince my lovely Gran to let me try and sell some of them online through a book buyback site.

Well the look on my Grandma's face when I handed her $165.50 after selling all but seven of the used books.

To say my Grandma was a bit upset with herself that she nearly through over a hundred dollars into the trash would be an understatement, but the story does not end here.

Sell Books for Cash - Books for Cash, Cash for Unwanted Books, Free Quotes!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ebay, Amazon or Book Buyback Site


I have personally tried ebay and to be honest trying to sell books on ebay is a nightmare.

Ebay is flooded with used books and unless you have a rare book that might be signed by an author and considered a collectors item. You could in fact make a loss for your trouble and at best break even and still have wasted a lot of your personal time.

As far as Amazon goes they are pirates with the prices they offer for used books and in my honest opinion if you have a large number of books to sell you will get a much better price from smaller online book buyback sites.

Ironically if you look to smaller sites that buyback books, you generally get a slightly better price for your pre-loved books.

In fact you may be surprised to see the prices paid for many books are quite competitive.

I sold fourteen books just recently and the average price I was quoted for each book was around $6 dollars.

I received  a little under $85 for a for about ten minutes work!

But it really depends on the books that you have.

Convenience is a big plus, not having to waste time organizing ebay listings or having garage sale and wasting a whole day watching people rifle through your unwanted book collection.

Having a website buy back books you no longer want or need quickly and easily and not having to worry about poastage is a valuable convenience.
Sell Used Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Convenient Way to Sell Books for Cash

If you love reading books as much I do, you probably have a huge collection of all types of books in boxes stored away in your home because your book case has been filled up a long time ago.

In fact my spare room was once a ‘store room’ filled with boxes of all manner of books which I had read or just didn’t have the time to read.

Living in a small unit I was really short on space so I just had to do something and I really couldn't bring myself to throw perfectly good books away so I tried to sell them on ebay.
Bad Idea!

I quickly found out that Ebay is absolutely saturated hundreds of other people were trying to palm off their collections of space hungry books as well.

In the end I found out that selling perfectly good books on ebay is not only a real hassle, its time consuming and extremely hard to make a profit after selling costs and shipping.

Then I came across a cool website which provides a quick and easy way to sell books for cash.
This website makes things so easy you can virtually sell back your books in minutes.
All you basically have to do is create an account, type in the ISBN number found on the back cover of each book on the form on the site, click on the price my book button and hey presto!

You instantly get the offered amount for your books.

Whats even more amazing is they provide a shipping label for your books right off their site for free, so you don’t even have to pay for shipping!

They even offer a text book buyback.

So if you have a collection of books which you have read or no longer want and would love to pass them on for other readers to appreciate while getting some cash in your pocket.

A convenient book buyback site to Sell Books for Cash
Sell Used Books Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes!

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